Часто Задаваемые Вопросы

A. Hotels


Can more than two adults stay in one room?

Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in a room for an extra charge as long as the room doesn’t exceed the maximum number of guests allowed per room. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your group, the hotel may cancel your reservation or require that you book additional rooms. If you have doubts, check directly with your hotel for their extra–guest charges and the maximum number of people allowed in the room you’ve booked.

Our children will be traveling with us – do they stay for free?

When making your booking, select the number of children traveling with you from the ‘Children’ drop–down box. If you select just 1 child, our search will give you the price of a double room with child, not including an extra bed. If you want an extra bed in the room, you need to increase the number of passengers in your search.

What if I need a specific type of hotel room (non–smoking, wheelchair friendly, etc.)?

Contact our Customer Support Team with your request and we’ll do our best to get you what you ask for. However, your request is ultimately subject to availability when you arrive at the hotel.

Will my credit card be charged when I book my reservation?

This varies with the type of rate and hotel you select. Normally, your credit card will be charged immediately for all reservations made through our website or over the phone. This guarantees your reservation as well as the rate.

Can I book a Hotel by paying Cash?

Yes!! All you have to do is call us +971557029435 and our executives will help you book a Hotel over the phone. Payments need to be done to our account number within the specified time line to enjoy the service.


How do I know if my booking was successful?

We’ll send you an email confirmation for your hotel booking.

Do I need to confirm my booking?

No, you don’t. If you really want to, though, contact us at to confirm your reservation. You can also contact the hotel directly if you prefer.

What if I don’t get a confirmation at the time of booking?

If a confirmation page doesn’t display once you complete your booking, check your email for a confirmation. If you don’t get an email confirmation within ten minutes, let us know at and we’ll send you your confirmation details.

I didn’t get an email confirmation. What do I do?

If you don’t receive an email after making a reservation, it could be that we have the wrong email address on file or your Internet Service Provider blocked the email thinking it was spam (junk mail? from us? perish the thought). Check your spam folder, just in case, and add our email address – – to your address book so that it doesn’t get filtered out next time. In the meantime, contact us at so we can send you an email confirmation.

Be sure to include the following information:

1.The name the reservation was booked under

2.The hotel name and location (city)

3.The check–in/check–out dates

How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?

The time it takes for a hotel to get your booking information varies by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within 12 hours of the time you made your booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel’s reservation department is closed). Please note that this doesn’t apply to bookings made for the same day.

Got questions or concerns? Call us :

+971557029435 (UAE)

if you have questions.

There are certain reservations that are booked out of an allotment. These rooms are guaranteed and must be paid for when you check out of the hotel. In some cases the hotel won’t have your name on the reservation until approximately 24 hours before you arrive.

What is my hotel’s check–in time?

Typically, the hotel check–in time is after 2:00 pm (local hotel time). Check with your specific hotel for its exact check–in time.

Will the hotel hold my room if I’m arriving late?

Since your reservation is guaranteed with a credit card, the hotel is obliged to hold your room until 7 am, the day after your planned arrival date.

What if I’m going to arrive early?

If you know you’re going to arrive early at your hotel, contact our Customer Support Team. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request, but it’s ultimately subject to room availability when you arrive at the hotel.

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?

You will receive the invoice through email, if you haven’t received please contact us in or in +971557029435


How do I cancel my hotel booking?

Please contact us with your Name , Hotel Name , Voucher number , Date of booking to or call us at +971557029435 and make a request and we will take care the rest.

What are the cancellation charges?

Short answer – it depends. Long answer – the cancellation charges depend on the hotel, time of stay (‘season’ time, ‘off–season’ time), and time of cancellation. To know what’s applicable in your case, check the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation (in case you missed it, you can always sign in to your travel.awardsofts.com Account and check it out on your Trips pages). Apart from the cancellation charges levied by the hotel, travel.awardsofts.com charges a fee of AED 40 for every hotel cancellation.

If I need to cancel my hotel booking, what’s the latest I can do this by?

It depends on your hotel. Please go through the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation (in case you missed it, you can always sign in to your travel.awardsofts.com Account and check it out on your Trips pages). However, please keep in mind that irrespective of what the hotel’s booking policy says, you cannot cancel your booking on the day that you’re supposed to check–in.

How will I get my money back after cancelling a hotel booking?

We will credit the money back to the same account you used while making the booking. For example, if you used your credit card, we will make an appropriate charge reversal. If you used your debit card, we will credit the money back to the debit card.

How long does it take to process this refund?

We usually process the refund within 10 working days from the cancellation request. However, it may take slightly longer to reflect in your account statement as this depends upon your bank. We’ve noticed that it takes about 15-20 working days for most refunds to hit their respective accounts.

How do I check the status of my refund once I have cancelled my booking?

Please contact us with your Name , Hotel Name , Voucher number , Date of booking to or call us at +971557029435 and make a request and we will take care the rest.

How do I modify a hotel booking?

Please contact us with your Name , Hotel Name , Voucher number , Date of booking to or call us at +971557029435 and make a request and we will take care the rest.

B. Tickets


Why can’t I select ‘Outbound’ and ‘Return’ flights separately for international bookings?

Simply because booking ‘Outbound’ and ‘Return’ flights separately (one–way flights) works out to be a lot more expensive than a return fare. Therefore we do not offer this option for international flights at all.

What is meant by a direct flight?

A direct flight is a point to point (city to city) flight that is either non-stop or has one or more intermediate stops, but with no change of aircraft. Changing aircrafts and terminals increases the duration of your journey. Direct non-stop flights are generally the shortest in duration followed by direct flights with stops.

And what’s an indirect flight?

An indirect flight is one where stopovers via intermediate cities are involved. Indirect flights involve change of aircraft and often a change of terminal. It is not permitted to break your journey in a transit city.

What is a stopover?

A stopover is a stop you make at one or more cities during your trip, which involves a change of aircraft. Generally, the duration of a stopover is longer than 48 hours. For instance, you might want to stopover for a few days in Dubai, on your way to London.

What does a transit airport mean?

A transit airport is one where you land for a break in your journey. You may or may not change aircrafts at the transit airport but you will definitely not be able to leave the airport when you’re in transit. Your itinerary will give you the details about the duration of transit time.

Need more information? call our customer care @ +971557029435

I’m taking a connecting flight. Will I need to change terminals?

In most cases, you will need to change terminals in order to board your connecting flight. Often the terminals are at quite some distance from each other and you’ll need to set aside some extra time to walk from one to another.

Do make it a point to enquire about your terminal as soon as you arrive, since gate numbers and terminals can change at the last moment.

What is the maximum number of seats that I can book?

You can book up to 9 travellers per booking.

What’s an e–ticket?

An e–ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number that neatly replaces the hassles of a paper ticket. When you purchase an e–ticket, we email it to you within 48 hours of your booking. Simply print it out and bring it with you, along with your passport and valid visa to the airline counter, when checking–in for your flight.

Can I book an International Flight by paying Cash?

Yes!! All you have to do is call us @ +971557029435 and. Our executives will help you book an International flight over the phone.Cash deposits can be done to our bank accounts within the time limit provided.However the bookings are subject to availability and time limit.

How do I know my reservation was booked?

We’ll send you an email to confirm your flight booking.

How do I get my e–ticket details?

We’ll send your e–ticket details to the email address you gave us when you made your reservation.

How do I get a boarding pass for an e–ticket?

You need to show your e–ticket confirmation email at the check–in counter. The airline representative will issue your boarding pass at that time.

Do I have to show my e–ticket confirmation email at the airline check–in counter?

Yes, you must carry the e–ticket confirmation e–mail with you. Some airports do not allow entry without a printout of your e–ticket, so be sure to carry one with you.

How much baggage can I carry?

Cabin and checked-in baggage limit varies from airline to airline. Some airlines have baggage weight restrictions and others have a specific number of pieces permitted. Please note that restrictions on baggage apply to both checked–in bags as well as cabin baggage. Often, you’ll be asked to pay for any checked–in luggage that exceeds the weight permitted. Cabin luggage that exceeds the weight limit is not permitted and will have to be checked in.

Keep these pointers in mind:

•Remember to find out checked–in and hand baggage allowances.

•Don’t pack valuables in your checked–in baggage.

•Carry medication, money and important documents in your hand baggage.

•Most airport security regulations permit limited quantities of liquids, gels or pastes that must be carried in containers not exceeding 100ml. This includes medicines, shampoo, creams, hair gel, hair spray, suntan lotions, toothpaste, liquid or aerosol deodorants, perfumes, cosmetics, water and other drinks, soups and syrups etc.

The containers must be carried in a separate clear plastic, zip–top or re–sealable bag.

Some countries do not permit any liquids in your hand luggage.

To find out the baggage allowance of the airline you’re flying or more information about baggage, call our customer care @ +971557029435.


We’ve compiled a handy international travel check–list for you. Here goes:

•Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the outbound date of travel. All travellers must have individual passports including children and infants.

•Visa: You must be in possession of a valid visa for countries that do not facilitate visa on arrival. You may require travel insurance and a pre-determined amount of foreign currency to qualify for a visa to certain countries. Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand are the destinations that provide visas on arrival.

•Transit Visa: Some countries require you to have a valid transit visa even if you’re not stopping enroute. For instance, Indian passport holders flying to Canada via any of the US airports will need to hold a valid US visa for transit. Entry and transit requirements are subject to change and you are advised to check the requirements prior to travel.

•Foreign currency: Check the foreign currency requirements for the country you’re visiting. Sometimes there is a minimum requirement and in most cases one should be in possession of a credit card that can be used internationally.


How will I get my paper ticketfor my flight booking?

Once your payment comes through, we’ll send you your paper ticket via Elite Airborne courier.

Where will my paper ticket be delivered?

Your ticket will be delivered to the delivery address you gave us when you made your booking.

When will my paper ticket be delivered?

Your tickets will be delivered in approximately twobusiness days for city limits and three business days for other areasfrom the date of purchase. You can track your delivery by sending an email to

Can I get my tickets delivered to a P.O. Box address?

No. Courier companies don’t deliver shipments to P.O. Box addresses, as they need someone to sign for the package.


How do I cancel a flight reservation?

Four easy steps after you hop on to your page,

1.Select the trip you want to cancel

2.Click on the “Cancellations” link

3.Select the passengers you want to cancel the reservation for

4.Hit the “Make cancellations” button

We’ll send you a confirmation email telling you what to do next. For e–tickets, you just sit around waiting for the money to hit your bank. All cancellations incur a cancellation fee which will be deducted at the time of the refund. Please keep in mind, however, that most international fares do not refund on partially utilised tickets.

If you have more questions about the cancellation process, please call our customer care @ +971557029435

What are the cancellation charges?

The cancellation charges depend on many factors, such as:

1.Airline: Often, different airlines have different cancellation charges and policies.

2.Sector: Some sectors have higher cancellation charges than others.

3.Fare Structure: Some fares attract higher cancellation charges than others.

4.Time of cancellation: Usually, the closer it is to the departure date, the higher the cancellation charges.

To understand the charges applicable to your reservation, check the fare rules mentioned on the booking page (in case you missed it then, you can always go back to your travel.awardsofts.com Account and check out your trips pages). Apart from the cancellation charges levied by the airline, travel.awardsofts.com charges a cancellation fee of AED 40 per passenger per Trip ID. To cancel online, just hop on to your pages.

If I need to cancel my flight, what’s the latest I can do this by?

With travel.awardsofts.com, you can cancel your flight no later than 48 hours before the time of departure. If it’s later than 48 hours, you need to contact the airline directly for cancellation.

How will I get my money back after a cancellation?

travel.awardsofts.com will credit the money back to the account you used when making the booking. For example, if you used your credit card, we will make an appropriate charge reversal. If you used your debit card, we will credit the money back to the debit card. Please remember that the cancellation charges will be deducted from the refund amount, before the refund is made.

How long does it take to process a refund?

Refund computation will take 12 working days and the amount will reflect in your account within 15-20 working days depending on the issuing Bank.

How do I make changes to a flight reservation?

Call us @ +971557029435 or Email:

What does it cost to make an amendment?

All amendments come at a fee that varies from airline to airline. In addition to this fee, travel.awardsofts.com charges an amendment handling fee of AED 40 per passenger per sector. We’ll collect these charges from you when we make the changes to your travel plans. We’ll also collect the difference in fare and taxes applicable when the amendment is made.

How do I get my ticket(s) after an amendment?

We’ll email your amended tickets within 24 hours of making the change to the email address you used for the original booking.

Can I cancel my tickets after an amendment?

Yes, you can. However, you won’t be able to do it from your travel.awardsofts.com Account. You’ll have to call our customer care chaps to cancel the amended tickets. You’ll have to pay the cancellation charges. Hop on to travel.awardsofts.com’s Cancellation Policy for more details.


What payment options does travel.awardsofts.com have?

We currently accept only payment from Credit Cards that are registered with MasterCard and Visa. All MasterCard and Visa cards issued from banks across the globe are accepted Sorry, but no cash, cheques, or money orders, and definitely no coins.

Is my credit card information safe on your site?

Yes. travel.awardsofts.com.com uses the SSL Certificates, which is an assurance that it follows the best security practices adopted by major online vendors. Any information you enter when transacting with travel.awardsofts.com is sent in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session and is encrypted to protect you against unintentional disclosure to third parties.

What’s the Card Verification Number (CVV) on my credit card?

The CVV is an important security feature that further reduces the risk of Internet fraud. This number never appears on sales receipts or billing statements and is only found on the physical card itself. We ask you to enter the CVV code during your transaction to make sure that the card is, in fact, in your possession.

Where is the Card Verification Number (CVV) located on my credit card?

For Visa/MasterCard: Your CVV is the three–digit code after the last four digits of your credit card number on the back of the card within the signature field.

Under what name will my transaction appear on my credit card statement?

Your purchase will be charged under AwardSofts Online Travel and Booking System

What is Verified by Visa or VBV?

Verified by Visa or VBV is a product offered by Visa in conjunction with the bank that’s issued your card. VBV uses personal passwords or identity information to help protect Visa card numbers against unauthorized use. VBV is available for most Visa cards from participating financial institutions.

How do I know whether or not my bank has a VBV facility?

You can ask the help desk or Call Center of the card issuing bank and confirm whether or not your card offers the VBV facility.

What is MasterCard SecureCode?

MasterCard Secure Code is a unique service that uses a private code to help protect your card against unauthorized use when you shop at participating online merchants.

How does MasterCard Secure Code work?

MasterCardSecure Code (The MasterCard Secure Code Program) is a comparable security facility to VBV. For more details click here.